Falset Negre

    Produced by the Falset Cooperative, Falset Negre is very unusual among our vermouth collection as it has no added caramel whatsoever! Grenache and Carignane grapes are fermented on their skins, as would be the case in red wine production, resulting in an aromatic wine with a deep red colour. Once the wine is ready it is filtered and macerated with an infusion of over 120 botanicals (herbs, roots, citrus), which are left for over a year in oak barrels. The result is an elegant, smooth and delicate red vermouth. Perfect for a special dinner occasion!

    Produced in Falset, Spain. 16% abv. 75cl. Please note this product contains sulphites. 

    Delivered to your door anywhere in the UK.

    If you are concerned about allergens, let us know on placing an order.

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