About Us

Thank you for taking the time to visit El Vermut's Shop! 

El Vermut is family-run, currently managed by Ollie and Greta Inglis - a brother and sister duo. We are from London originally but grew up in Italy. In 2016 we both moved to Spain, which is where we first discovered and became passionate about the world of vermouth. We returned to SE London in 2018 to open El Vermut as a bar, having been inspired by the welcoming atmosphere of vermuterias in Spain and the variety of flavour that Spanish vermut has to offer.  

We are the first bar in London to have specialised in Spanish vermouth and our online shop is the result of wider demand for the products we import across the UK. We're excited to now be able to offer our collection further afield!  


 We’ve carefully chosen our selection of vermouth, the majority of which we import specially on a regular basis from Catalonia. We are very excited to be the first in London to offer vermut Montseta, produced by Lisard Bellod and his family, as well as the fantastic range of Can Paixano Cavas of La Xampanyeria in Barcelona.